Weight Loss Program

Have you tried every diet, and nothing seems to work? Using hypnosis to lose weight will be one of the easiest modalities for change you will ever experience. With hypnosis you make a permanent change in your relationship with food, your willpower will no longer be in play at the dinner table. From now on you will eat for the nutrients which will keep your body healthy and help you flourish both physically and psychologically.

Are you overeating to deal with emotional situations? While eating “comfort food” may make you temporarily feel better, it never resolves the issues that are blocking your success. After hypnosis, food will be used solely for the nourishment of the body. You will eat to live, not live to eat.

Hypnosis for weight loss is natural way to reach your weight goal permanently. Almost anybody is able to go on a diet and restrict their food intake to lose weight. But the yo-yo effect keeps us searching for that one diet that will last a lifetime. This is because your willpower is overcome with feelings of deprivation and we eventually fall back into old habits. Though you may temporarily lose weight with your conscious will-power, it is obvious, because you eventually start to gain weight again, that your conscious mind is not in complete control of your desires and the choices you eventually make. To put it succinctly, the beliefs and desires of your subconscious mind are much more powerful than any conscious willpower. Hypnosis allows you to access your subconscious mind and source of the power within. You will find hypnosis a comfortable, relaxing, peaceful, enjoyable state in which you are aware and hear all that is going on during the whole process. You may be surprised to learn that it is not sleep, and in fact, you will be asked to come in well rested so that you do not fall asleep, which would disrupt the ongoing hypnotic process.
Hypnosis is the most powerful and effective way to permanently change your underlying subconscious beliefs and desires and you will do so with complete relaxation and peace. You will make these changes more easily and comfortably than you ever thought possible. You will find yourself taking effortless action to easily become and stay thinner.

Six Weeks of Commitment to Change

Each week we will work on different behaviors that will lead you to your goal. During the first session we will develop an action plan the specifically targets your issues and stumbling blocks. Sometimes during hypnosis, issues arise, that you didn’t know were blocking you from your goal, that is why each weight loss program is individualized to your needs.