Smoking Cessation Program Protocol

Prior to your hypnotherapy to quit smoking, I will send you an e-mail containing information on hypnosis as used in a smoking cessation protocol. The material is to help educate you, the non-smoker about the behavioral habit, and the chemical based nicotine addiction. You will also receive an intake form for the Future Former Smoker. The intake form is important, because it helps the hypnotist prepare sessions, and as you respond to the questions, you will gain a better understanding of your relationship to cigarettes and your motivation for ending it.

3 private one on one hypnosis sessions within a two week period will guide you through the necessary changes to become a permanent non-smoker. With the intention that you walk out after you first session as a non-smoker, the two remaining session will deeply imbed the positive behavior and eliminate any craving for nicotine. You will gain improved self-awareness, along with a much healthier self-image. Your motivation will be enhanced and you will feel a sense of accomplishment as a new permanent non-smoker. You will gain improved self-awareness, along with a much healthier self-image.

After your hypnosis for to quit smoking cessation, you will receive a follow-up call a few days later from your hypnotist. Additionally, you will be emailed a congratulations every week for three weeks and every month for three months, six months and one year to sustain your motivation, and achieve your desired outcome with the least discomfort. As an integral adjuvant to your hypnosis to quit smoking session, your hypnotist is available post-session by phone to serve to make your progress easier, with both welcome encouragement, and self-esteem boosting recognition of your ongoing accomplishment in being smoke free.