Removing Fears and Phobias

Flying, Public Speaking, Driving, Heights, Animals and more…

Fears and phobias are very common. The list can go on and on, fears that prevent us from life, it could be flight, heights, bridges, to public speaking. The fear of failure, even the fear of success can detour us from living the life that we dream about. The symptoms of a phobia, is a feeling of fear or anxiety when exposed to the situation or thing which triggers the fear. Common symptoms include accelerated heart beat, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, hot/cold flashes, numbness or tingling sensation, trembling, chocking, fear of fainting or losing control of oneself. More than 10% of us experience a simple phobia at some point in our lives, you are not alone.

You’ll be pleased to know that phobias can be overcome through hypnotherapy. There has been a great deal of published research into the use of hypnosis with fears and phobias. In hypnosis you are able to detach from the situation that triggers the fear and reset the emotions with a more realistic response. Techniques used by hypnotherapists may vary for each client, because individuals vary, as well as their issue. The different approaches that maybe used include: Direct suggestion, can desensitize the situation. Neuro Linguistic Programming is useful in changing how the brain accesses and perceives the information about the trigger. Age regression is another process used to explore and heal the root cause of the phobia, otherwise known as the Initial Sensitizing Event. The erroneous mental link between the trigger and the fear reaction is broken, replaced by a sense of being calm and in control.

You don’t have to live in fear. Hypnosis can help you regain control of your life.