Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural and commonly occurring state of mind. It is a state of mind that we humans have experienced often, most of us go into this state several times during the day, even those who think they can’t be hypnotized, experience the hypnotic trance state at least three times a day. In this common state of mind, known as hypnosis, our minds can become more powerfully focused. We have all experienced trance many times, but we just haven’t identified it as hypnosis yet Examples of trance in everyday experiences is when we become so involved in a book, or watching a movie, that we don’t recognize the things happening around us. We get lost in our own thoughts, sometimes not knowing what people are saying to us. While in this altered state, we were able to have extreme focus, and when this focus is guided, we can make real change in our thought, beliefs and behaviors.

Can I be controlled?

No. You are always in control while you experience hypnosis. The true power of hypnosis is in the power of your mind. You become more in touch with your own senses. Your 5 senses become heightened. When you are in hypnosis you are fully awake and aware and have the ability to choose to accept or reject suggestions given to you by anyone, including the hypnotist. That is why it is important that you use hypnosis for the things that you personally want to accomplish and not for what someone else wants for you to accomplish. A smoker who seeks to quit smoking because a family member wants them to, will have little success. It’s Your desires that will make the change, Your transformation. Hypnotherapy facilitates, and access the transformation.

How does hypnotic suggestions work?

Hypnotic suggestion when done properly, bypasses the critical mind, known as the “conscious,” and focuses in on the subconscious. When a new suggestion is given that is within the framework of a person’s belief system and moral understanding, the subconscious mind will accept the suggestion and it then becomes your new viewpoint, or reality.

Will I reveal all my secrets while I am in a Hypnotic state of mind?

No, Hypnosis is not a truth serum. You will not feel or be compelled to divulge any information that you don’t want to. Anything that you would feel like withholding while you were in a fully awake state you will be able to keep to yourself while you were in hypnosis.

What if I don’t wake up or come out of the trance?

No-one has ever gotten ‘stuck” in hypnosis. Contrary to some of the funny stories I’ve seen in the movies, no-one has ever gotten ‘stuck” in hypnosis. If something was to happen to the hypnotist during the process, the worst that would happen to you is that you might fall asleep for a little while, and then come out of trance on your own. It’s just silly to think otherwise. Since hypnosis is a natural state that we have experienced often, you would be the best person to know whether you have gotten stuck in trance. Well have you? If you have, the best place to go would be to a hypnotist to get you unstuck!

When I am “under”, will I be asleep?

You are always awake and aware when you are in hypnosis. Your conscious mind might feel comfortable enough to take some brief mental vacations, so you might find yourself daydreaming about some pleasant experiences. Perhaps a pleasant vacation that you had, or one that you’re planning. But even while this is happening, you subconscious mind will be listening intently to everything that the hypnotist is saying. The most important job of your subconscious is to protect you. And to do this, it monitors everything going on around you. So what your subconscious mind will be monitoring will be what the hypnotist is saying. So even while in profound trance you will receive the suggestions accepted by the subconscious.

Can Hypnosis cure me in one session?

No. It is not a panacea (it cannot cure all human problems; and it cannot do it instantly).
Although in some cases one or two sessions may enable a person to break a habit, the majority of cases require approximately 3 sessions. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy expedites the process of change, sometimes we really don’t know what is holding us back from success, or preventing our wellness, until we take an in depth look into the recesses of our mind.

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