Diabetes Motivational Coach

7 Effective Ways Hypnosis Can Help The Diabetic Client

I. Compliance with doctor’s orders
II. Lessen Anxiety concerning issues form needles to neuropathy
III. Exercise Booster
IV. Memory improvement
V. Motivation Enhancement
VI. Better Food Choices
VII. Stress Reduction for client and family

By definition, hypnotists are highly effective motivational coaches and stress management consultants. We can assist the client in many ways:

  • Take greater control of their situation instead of relying on others to “fix” them.
  • Become motivated to safely begin, and continue exercising.
  • Stimulate clients desire in such a manner as to cause them to learn about and practice self-care.
  • Improve the memory so the client remembers to : Examine their feet on a regular basis as well as remembering other important things such as testing, time of last meal, what was eaten, amount of medications taken, and other vital issues
  • Create desire to follow good life-style practices. These include choosing the right food, maintain a healthy weight, getting regular exercise, and avoiding smoking and other health pitfalls.

Additionally, stress reduction in one or more areas of a diabetic’s life will cause three important effects:

1. Reducing the ‘fight or flight’ responses that typically produce insulin antagonistic hormonal responses.
2. Create greater energy reserves to create a more pro-active emotional environment. This is caused by a reduction in emotional stress that typically saps a person’s will to health.
3. Reduced stress = reduced unhealthy responses that can exacerbate a diabetics situation.