Melinda A Bryan
Certified Hypnotherapist

I have a lot of compassion and desire to assist others with real change and that is why I became a hypnotherapist. Having worked in the medical industry for over 17 years, I wanted to make an impact, and share some of the gifts I have experienced with hypnosis.

I am a Certified, Clinical, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. I received my training from The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, which is the first state licensed school in Florida and I have well over five hundred hours of practical training. To advance my training, I became a Diabetic Motivational Coach, certified by the Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills. My work with diabetic clients, assisting in their transformation, has been one of my prime objectives.

Through hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I am empowering my clients with positive change and discarding their negative thought patterns that are blocking them from feeling relaxed, confident, happy, and successful. I am honored and humbled to share my work, and to assist you in your own transformation. My first question will always be…How can I help you?